About Us

Work Philosophy

Our partners, Elliot Melamed and Steve Karp, pride themselves as working partners. They are personally involved in the services provided to each of their clients. Elliot and Steve meet with their clients to discuss their businesses, as well as opportunities for improvement and growth whenever there is a need. This practice ensures a continuity of service that is lacking in many firms. Further, our professionals strive to be viewed as business advisors, beyond the traditional accountant or auditor role. We pride ourselves not only in the services we provide, but in truly understanding the industries in which our clients operate.

Our Promise to Our Clients

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business and financial objectives. We will provide you with direct assistance from our team of professionals, and will perform each engagement as efficiently and effectively as possible. We believe that our quality and timely service to our clients is unmatched in the industry as we are dedicated to providing you with the most complete service available.

We consider you to be more than a client.


At Melamed & Karp, we are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients while also bettering the community in which we live and work. Our partners and professional staff are actively involved in numerous charities and service organizations throughout South Florida and we are eager to assist our clients’ charitable endeavors.