At Melamed & Karp we know that managing your company’s tax strategy in today’s complex tax environment can be overwhelming. Our experience and knowledge of the most current tax laws will enable you to identify key tax planning opportunities to minimize both current and future tax liabilities. We will work closely with you throughout the year to provide proactive tax service. Further, our electronic tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare and file your returns.


Melamed & Karp works with companies of all sizes to assist with tax planning and compliance. Our professionals have extensive experience identifying and implementing programs designed to reduce and limit overall corporate tax liability.

Our Business Tax Services Include:

  • Income tax planning & compliance
  • Multi-year & transactional tax planning
  • Management of audits by taxing state and federal authorities
  • M&A assistance
  • Cost segregation studies, like-kind exchanges and other real estate tax minimization strategies
  • Buy-sell agreements and business succession planning
  • Executive and employee retention programs using stock and deferred compensation
  • Initial public offering, venture capital, private placement and stock option planning
  • Employee benefit and executive compensation programs
  • Melamed & Karp has experience working with Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Not-For-Profit


Often our clients’ business and personal tax situations are closely connected. Corporate activities and the manner in which profits flow to ownership (shareholders, members, etc.) can have a meaningful impact on your personal tax situation. Melamed & Karp can provide comprehensive tax planning services for business owners and high net worth individuals.

Our Personal Tax Services Include:

  • Income tax planning & compliance
  • Preparation of federal and state tax returns
  • Management of audits by taxing authorities
  • Asset protection
  • Valuations for estate, marital and probate matters

Estate and Retirement

At Melamed & Karp, we understand the complexities of estate and retirement requirements:

  • Effective estate planning facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries, provides security for your surviving spouse, and can reduce or eliminate the tax due on the transfer of your business and other assets. For business owners, providing for business continuity and succession of ownership is essential. We can guide you through the complex process of getting your financial affairs in order.
  • Through the financial planning process, we can help you assess your financial needs and develop strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals and strengthen your financial security.
  • We can implement and periodically review your financial plan to ensure financial independence during your working years and through your retirement years.

Personal Property Tax

Melamed & Karp can assist you in every facet of property tax compliance and consulting. Our experienced staff can ensure that your adjustments, deductions, and exemptions are correct and comply with the requirements established by your state’s department of local government finance. Before preparing your annual personal property tax return, we conduct an in-depth review of your assets and inquire of any changes, such as equipment acquisitions or dispositions.

State and Local Tax

At Melamed & Karp, we will prepare federal, state and local income tax returns for private and publically held companies, non-profit organizations, individuals, estates, trusts, partnerships, and corporations. We understand tax and compliance regulations so that you don’t have to.

We advise our clients of important changes in tax laws before they occur.

We make certain our clients are aware of and meet all filing deadlines with time to spare. Businesses can take advantage of our attention to detail and thorough understanding of the nuances behind the tax laws. Most importantly, we help our clients formulate plans to minimize tax burdens and profit from tax advantages.